🌼 A good brew or a good cup of coffee.
🌼 Listening to music to make myself feel good.
🌼 Pretty shoes.
🌼 Dancing to music.
🌼 Listening to the rain whilst being in bed.
🌼 Musical Theatre and theatre shows.
🌼 A good lie-in.
🌼 Feeling the cool breeze on a warm summer's day.
🌼 Fresh sheets and bedding.
🌼 A long shower, on a day off.
🌼 When my favourite song plays on the radio.
🌼 Hanging out with friends at music festivals.
🌼 Putting my phone away on the tube, but listening to music.
🌼 Bacon and egg butties. (So lush).
🌼 Full English breakfast, with a cup of tea and hash browns.
🌼 My Adidas Gazelles and Stan Smith trainers.
🌼 Going to gigs by myself.
🌼 Britpop music.
🌼 Indie music.
🌼 A cold can of Pepsi or Coke.
🌼 Audrey Hepburn.
🌼 1950s music.
🌼 Listening to Disco music on my way home from work.