One moment, I feel empty. I donโ€™t know what to feel, so I feel nothing.

The next moment I feel everything at once. All kinds of feelings rush into me,
and sometimes it is nice to give in.

When itโ€™s a normal week, hence a busy week, I tend to wish for it all to just stop. For everyone to just shut up and stop.

I wish for a quiet and peaceful moment.

But, turns out; once youโ€™re off that highway full of stuff going on, you are surrounded by nothing.

The road is empty.
You can either choose to fill it in again, go back to being on a highway
or you get blown away by the wind on the empty road.

Because from the moment all the obstacles to get on an empty road are gone?
You suddenly donโ€™t know anymore why you wanted to get there in the first place.

We always want what we donโ€™t have.
Itโ€™s our never ending quest.

So the ideal thing would be to enjoy all sorts of roads you will discover and adjust your way of moving depending on what kind of road you currently are.


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