Life isnโ€™t always romantic. Sometimes, itโ€™s realistic. Sometimes, things don't work out the way you want them to โ€” Ezra Fitz

I'll try to not spoil anything for anyone who hasn't finished the show so I'll keep some parts vague. To whoever finished the show, I hope you know what I'm talking about haha

Favorite female character

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Mona Vanderwaal - I love the liars but I'm gonna say Mona was my favorite character. She's never always been one of the popular girls in school nor is she super mean like how Ali was to her back when she was shy and awkward. I like how she's super smart like hacker smart and can look good at the same time. Also she's so real and speaks her mind. Though she had some fall outs with the girls which was sometimes annoying, she turned out to be a really badass character especially in the end. Go Mona!

Favorite male character

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Toby Cavanaugh - I like Toby because he's like the cute shy guy who's really sweet like how he was with Emily in the beginning. I feel bad about his family situation with Jenna being his step-sister and everything. I liked how he became a cop though and would go out of his way to help Spencer and the liars even though it seemed clear he was getting fed up with it. Also, he's hot so that's that LOL

Least favorite character

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Jenna Marshall - She was really annoying especially in the beginning. The only time I ever liked her was when she snapped at Addison and the liar copycats. I feel bad how she became blind though but like that wouldn't have happened if she didn't start beef with Ali and came off as a bitch. She's also really creepy with those glasses and how she could identify who she's talking to by hearing their voice.

Favorite ship

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Spoby - Hands down one of the best pll ships that's up there with Haleb. They are like meant to be together! He built a fricken house for her! That's some The Notebook shit! LOL

Ship you like but won't happen

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Jordanna - Although I ship Haleb all the way since the beginning, I can't deny how good Jordan and Hanna would have been if they stayed together. They looked so good together and Jordan was so good to Hanna. She seemed so mature when she was with Jordan for a good second. He's super romantic, successful, hot and his Australian accent is a plus. I felt so bad for him especially since she called it off at the spot they first met.

Who I thought was -A

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Jenna Marshall - She's just always been on bad terms with Ali and the liars. I thought it would've made sense if she was A. It would've been like a revenge for the stink bomb incident.

This was fun to write about and I just realized how long it's been since I last watched pll. Ugh I miss it but writing this was like going down memory lane so I'm glad this tag was created thanks to:

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