Hi guys, I usually post school or study related articles but any non-school article will be a buffer. I also just wanted to take part in this and let you know me a bit better!

I am currently obsessed with the following songs: want you back by 5 seconds of summer, God's Plan by Drake, Look alive by BlocBoy JB & Drake and Egyptian Luvr by Rejjie Snow & Aminé. You shoudl totally listen to theses songs, they will get you hyped for real lol.

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drake & aminé

I have more memes than selfies on my phone. I've accepted the fact that I'm not photogenic lol so I use memes to compensate that.

I've never been to a concert but I hope to go to one in the future.

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still sad I never got to see 1D live

I love using Photoshop and I'm currently trying to learn how to use illustrator. (Follow my graphics account on IG @graphicsbyuju thanks ♥

I have a pretty diverse taste i music but I really don't like country music (sorry!)

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I'm a big fan of the MCU (marvel cinematic universe) and I'm slowly getting into the comics and also DC comics.

I don't know how to use makeup but I plan on learning.

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I have a (bad) habit of binge watching shows. I finished Stranger Things, On My Block, End of The F*cking World in one day (separately).

I'm really short for my age, I'm 5'1.

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I've been an extremely picky eater for as long as I remember. It got to the point where I had to take a multivitamin to increase my appetite so I'd eat more. Till this day, I don't eat food with thyme in it.

Despite my fear of planes and dislike of travelling in general, I've travelled to: Florida, Houston, London, Paris, South Africa and Dubai.

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I've been to all the parks in Disney World (Epcot and Magic Kingdom were my favourite).

Despite attending a summer programme in France to improve my french and taking it for years, I'm still terrible at it.

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Well there you go, thirteen facts about me :)

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