Oh, God, how lucky I am to have met you. Now all of the sufferings and heart-aches make sense - those had to be survived in order to get the best prize that is out there - YOU.

Ever since we met, it has felt like the movies. Sometimes I do not understand where you came from so suddenly in my life. There's this saying that "good things take time" and you make me believe in such miracles.

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Whenever I think about you, even now, I catch myself smiling. You don't make me feel butterflies, but an entire Zoo in my stomach.

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You are the best person I know. You have such faith in me. Sometimes I think that you see me as a better person than I am, but I really do wish to believe that it is true.

You make me smile. Ohhh, you do. And I love that we can be both - serious when it's necessary and at the same time, we can laugh like children about the most ridiculous things that come to our minds.

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You made me understand what real love is and I love so much! I had no idea that I can feel such things before I met you. I had no idea that another person can care so deeply for another's fears, happiness, smaller and bigger achievements.

In a way you make me want to be a better version of myself. At the same time - you make me feel special.

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You take such good care of me and you make me feel safe. With you I have a home and I do not care if we have to live in a shared apartment with other people, as long as I can be with you.

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The first period of our relationship made me appreciate how special is the time we spend together, because we had it in such a limited way. Being away from each other, living in different countries with different time zones. But back then, when we met once a month or per two - that was the highlight of the entire month!

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I remember wishing that time did not past so fast. Sometimes it felt cruel to us: having you for a couple of days with me, which seemed like a couple of hours or even minutes.

And the tears and hear-ache that I felt when we had to say our "goodbyes" & "see you next time" at the airports. The part when one of us had to turn around and go towards the plane while the other one had to exit the airport.

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I am so happy that it's in the past now. And now I get to spend every night with you when we go to sleep, and then in the morning you are the very first thing I see beside me when I wake up.

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You are my sunshine. My best friend. My hero and my biggest support. My greatest gift. And I love you so much. Thank you for being with me!

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