Dear Hipsters,
Every click that ever existed, from the Clueless Girls and their gingham glam to Boy Meets World and their construction boots, has created a trend of their own. But famous or not, people in real life have also brought trends regardless of their status. Of course, we hipsters have no problem with going over the top and bringing cool stuff back from the dead, So here's what we brought from the urban outfitter's type inferno back to the homeland.

With all the turmoil of everyone wanting to look figured and "thick" all the time, we decided to take it back. And I mean the 70s - Fara -Faucett back. bellbottoms are another way we say " OH you like curvy butts llll. Sorry, I'm more into freedom and torn denim".

shoes image

With Dua Lipa wearing these, you know we have got a good advocate for our awesomeness. Typically neutrals were the first that came into play, but now this trend is exploding from suede and velvet to glitter and rainbow. I just can't get enough!

dress, red, and fashion image

Nope ladies; this is for more than just the beach. Hipsters always love looking like a flower in some aspect, especially in the 70s when these dresses had floral patterns and were maxi at the time. But with other clicks adopting this wondrous dress, it's been modified in color, length, and style.

red, flowers, and converse image

These have been around forever and an are mostly associated with the grunge scene, but we just added a little kick to them this year. Keeping them clean with florals and brightness or adding an artistic watercolor design or even tucking flowers in the shoes have now been our main focus and I'm all up for it.

fashion image

Its silky finish was most prized in the 70s and especially the 90s...but only for sleep rather. And yet now we are taking over this dress with a purpose. Its delicate finish is a canvas for all clicks just by adding gold heels or canvas sneakers. GO SILK!

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