I’ve seen this sort of article a lot lately, so I decided to do it too, ‘cause I love it pretty much!
So let’s go ahead

my bag itself
Since I’m a high school kid, I have some bags. Mostly backpacks. And I dont know how, but I always break my bags. They all have some scars by now. So, so, so annoying! I have a CowboysBag, a grey backpack (idek which brand its from) and an eastpack, which is also grey.

bags, musthave, and cowboysbag image aesthetic, blue, and sushi image
My CowbodysBag has about the same color as the left one on the first picture. And I couldnt really find ‘my’ eastpack, but it is the same kinda grey as the Kanken so, close.

my phone
I can’t go around without my phone, that’s like going around without my head ~ Hanna Marin (PLL). And that’s SO true! I try to deny it, but im just obsessed with my phone! You can find everything on the internet and I wouldn’t survive a day without WHI or music!

6, apple, and black image apple, black, and classy image
I have an iPhone 6 space grey. It has some struggles, but I hope it’s just the battery and I can get a new battery.

my headphone/earpods
I always have my earpods with me, otherwise I can’t listen music without bothering other people. Sometimes I forget to, but most of the time, I bring my Beats with me too. The bass is just so good in those and it’s just perfect for popmusic.

iphone, white, and apple image iphone, apple, and pink image
Actually, I have a black Beats, but I like this picture better than the one of the black Beats.

my iPad
On my school, we use iPads. I have the iPad Air. It’s pretty annoying, cause we also have to type essays on it, and then we have to bring an extern keyboard with us and that thing is heavy! I am hoping I will get a laptop for next year, when I am going to 10th grade.

it, M, and P image notes, school, and study image
I got my iPad for school, but - of course - I also use it to watch Netflix and do other not-schoolstuff.

my wallet
It’s the worst if I forget my wallet. Everything is in it. Most of the time I dont need it, but - obviously - I forget my wallet when I have to go home by bus and I need by buscard.

black, calvin, and detail image Image by Ansam Amre
TBH, it’s grey.. but oh, well.

my pencilcase
My pencilcase is huge! I always carry way too much with me and actually, it’s a make-upbag. That’s why it has that large size. It is darkblue with pink and silver stars on it. Kinda childish, but cute tho.

desk and study image school, stationery, and study image
I couldn’t find it (duhh), so enjoy these!

a small book
If I still have some space left, I like to bring a book with me. For in the lunchbreak or for in the bus going home. Currently, I am reading Looking for Alaska by John Green.

book, john green, and looking for alaska image books, entertainment, and john green image
I just bought Turtles All the Way Down, but that book is a little too thick to put in a full backpack. But I can’t wait to start in it!

some other, not interesting stuff

+ my textbooks (ugh)
+ a notebook
+ my calculator (I hate math so much but I gotta bring it with me)
+ a water bottle (I always drink lemonade. I’m 80% lemonade)
+ my lunch (So just some slices bread with cheese. Or avocado or whatever)