Ola! I want write an article but I didn't know what to do and I saw videos like this when I was on YouTube and I said why not?? I'll share with you what makes me happy,what i like, what i watch etc. I hope you guys like it!

1. Songs

room, yellow, and want you back image ashton, want you back, and 5 seconds of summer image LUke, want you back, and luke hemmings image michael, want you back, and 5 seconds of summer image
Firstly if you don't know me, you should know that I am obsessed with 5SOS, they released new songs and now they're on a tour.My favorite new 5sos songs is Lie To Me and Valentine.You should definitely listen all of new songs.Lastly RELEASE THE DAMN ALBUM!

2. Series

izombie, olivia moore, and blaine debeers image izombie and rose mciver image alt, british, and fandom image Drake, zombie, and greg finley image
iZombie! New season is so good! I miss you Drake but Chase Graves...He is god... I think the best season is this season. Watch iZombie! You will not regret!

3. Makeup

lips, aesthetic, and makeup image lips, aesthetic, and indie image Image removed makeup, beauty, and mascara image
I used to hate lip gloss but now i am obsessed.I think they are savior of the day.And mascara is a very important detail. It makes you look awake and reveal your eyes. I am using Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. And better than all the expensive brands.This is my daily makeup.

4. Youtube

travel, aesthetic, and alternative image youtube, jennxpenn, and jenn mcallister image blonde girls, sea, and jennxpenn image coachella, fashion, and makeup image
Jennxpenn is my favourite youtuber these days. She is so cute and funny (like me lol). I'm having a lot of fun watching her.

5. Study

book, college, and laptop image laptop image Temporarily removed school and study image
I am study for university and this is exhausting. I don't want to talk about this lol.

6. App

Image by Алина aesthetic, amsterdam, and dark image
Episode Interactive.I don't know what to say just download this app. there are very good writers like Violet, Natalia, Saige, Sonja, Brandi, Meila, Sai, Bronte and more. They are so talented girls. Please support them.

7. Movie

movie image film image Image removed Temporarily removed
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) "This is the story of my senior year of high school and how destroyed my life" Warm, friendly, natural, pleasant and impressive movie. Just go and watch.

Thank you for reading guys!


-Teddy aka the 5sos soccer mom ♥