Sparkling eyes , attractive magnetic smile which is able to make your hard long days better. Small feet barely touching the floor , small powerless body , small hands that probably haven't done anything bad.
A little girl whose age hadn't allowed her to see the toughness and harshness of life yet.
The sun was reflecting on her beautiful shining brownish eyes. I looked at her first then smiled, because why not? She was looking at me with doubt . She had taken every chance when I wasn't looking her way.
An innocent soul caring a pure heart that hadn't known any hatred, revenge,or jealousy.
Love was the first word that came to my mind once I have seen that beautiful girl. Her face was shining , as well as her presence.
She made me feel happy. I still don't know why. Just the fact that she is still proud of her unique beauty and seeing her self as the little princess who lives inside and beneath every girl.
She made me think of who I was and who I am today. A short childhood memories' flashback occurred to me and made me think of all my childhood dreams. How ambitious was I.
Once I have started growing up , letting the society's criticism and its vision of things go through my ears and live inside my head. At that moment, I have started doubting of who I was as a person, and asking myself many questions.
The little princess turned into a beast living inside me , eating my dreams , thoughts and ambitions.
I don't want that to happen to her, or any other girl out there who is struggling and fighting to make her dreams come true and make her little self and the child living inside her proud.
Why should we make these limits , why are we spoiling the word "impossible" everywhere .
I want to tell every girl, women, and everyone who's purchasing a big goal or a dream , that it is "possible" and you can make it true. Believe in yourself and work for it and it will happen.