Life consists of three steps, or at least that's how they've always made me believe:
-We are born
-We live
-We die

The last one is simple, since it is seen and not seen, but life too. I am not a philosopher, much less, I only publish an own idea, and sometimes wrong about life.
This article was not planned, much less, but I do it after the course of the words that flow in my head.

The birth is a beautiful picture, all are joys and cries of the same, but we never consider what will do or what will happen to that new being in your life.
And then the second step takes place.

Our life is lived as we see fit, but always with values โ€‹โ€‹instilled since we came to this world. We usually think about big things, big dreams that we wish to fulfill, but only those lucky ones fulfill them, or simply those who fight for what they really want.
Some choose to live a quiet life, without ups and downs, and others live a life full of challenges, dangers, and teachings so as not to trip over the same stone, and that is the life that now shines on its own.
People discover their facets, their tastes, either by culture, religion, art, music ... (but with culture we refer to everything, of course).
People are often despised by their appearances and tastes, or way of life, and that contempt is available to those sedentary, conformist people. They think that what is foreign is worse than their own, their life relaxed, without knowing everything that is lost from LIFE, criticizing or doing a routine 24/7.

I, from my personal point of view, I consider myself a person of both sides, since it pleases the solitude, the constant own enjoyment, but I also like to learn, to travel, to enjoy good things, or simply to make myself heard, and to make see the people that not everything is the same for everyone, that each person is a world that lives in community in this world, which we share.

And thus arriving to conclude that paragraph so strange, that redacto.

The last step, and the most painful for many:
It sounds like dark, dark, something impossible, but so real every day. It is one of the most delicate steps of all, of course, but for some it is the most hopeful, since the bad, or good languages โ€‹โ€‹say that you never die, or that you go to another better world after the suffering of life, or simply your light is extinguished, that light that gives life to the world, and that makes other lights of the world strong and happy.

Gia greeting. X