So Hello WHI we all know those days where we would usually go out or do something outside but then all of a sudden it rains so here are a few tips what to do inside mostly alone and maybe new Hobbies for you.

Write something

So you could write articels on we heart it or a Story on wattpad or Things like that.

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So also sitting down and drawing / painting something is really Relaxing and it feels just good also I can't draw but it makes still some fun!

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So making some new decor for your room is really nice and also you have something fresh in there!

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search for new Music

So searching for new Music is great because it is Kind of a new start or something and really refreshing

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Family games

So playing some good old games with your Family is really nice!

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Make an photoshoot by yourself it is fun even if you don't get any good Pictures that doesn't matter!

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maybe you could also read some good all books!

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So I hope These were some intresting ideas to do when you are bored loves and smooches Leonie!

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