I thought I would do a list of countries that I've been to and add more the more I travel. Since I live in Europe I travel to mostly European countries and I've only been out of this continent once. So let's begin

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Cities: Paris, La Touqet
A really beautiful country, architecture, history. I love Paris and it's one of my favorite cities. The lifestyle, the way things go around there it's just amazing. Yes Paris is i guess an "overrated" city but it deserves that. It's just explainable when you get there, the french breakfast, the views, the buildings, the people. Paris is full of museums and castles that are worth going to. La Touqet is a small city on the north coastline that is really cute and great for summer.

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City: Budapest
Such a beautiful city. Even though it was raining the entire time I was there, I could still see the beauty in this city. It is formed of two cities Buda and Pest that bind together. The river separates them and the bridges are great. There are a lot of museums about this countries history that are worth going to.

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City: Zagreb
The capital of Croatia. A mixture of modern and old style, a mixture of Europe and the Balkan. A beautiful city in a beautiful country. Amazing food. The city's tourism is just starting to begin and I know why. This city has so much to offer and show. It's definitely worth visiting. It has very fascinating places, there is an underground tunnel that leads to a street, a park and other places, interesting museums, great old part of town.

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City: Ljubljana
Although I was there for a day, Ljubljana seems like a really nice city. I saw a lot of students and a lot of stores. It is definitely more of a European city. I would've liked to stay there a longer time to explore the city more.The square is really nice, right next to the river. Really nice coffee places and restaurants.

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Again, I was there for a day and didn't see much. But I saw the church that was in the city centre and it looked amazing. I would like to go there again and see the city a little bit better.

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Cities: Skopje, Ohrid
Beautiful cities to visit all year around. Skopje is evolving into a modern city and Ohrid is just an amazing tourist place. The history of Ohrid is interesting and the city is full of old architecture, buildings, lots of churches. A mixture of old and new,

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