Heyy everyone.
So, I've been SO obssesed with Riverdale and I found this cool tag so I decided to do it but I'm adding some extra questions, anyways. Enjoy

1. Who's your favourite female character ?

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Damn Veronica Lodge is definitely one of the best character of the show. She's a badass, savage, beautiful, strong, smart, I really wanna be like her when I grow up lol.

2. Who's your favourite male character?

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i have to admit that sometimes he pisses me off but he is like... PERFECT

3. Who's your least favourite female character?

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I used to ignore Ethel but damn she was a bitch with V when she was really kind, I know everything her family have been through because of Hiram but it's not V's fault and she tried to help so... Obviously Penelope Blossom is the worst.

4. Who's your least favourite male character?

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OH MY GOD! You have no idea about how much I hate this guy, I mean, damn he is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. The only thing he does is bring problems and I hate when he starts to ''cry'' like, HE'S SO HYPOCRITE and I really hate him.

5. Have you read the comics?

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I don't really like comics but I really want to read them

6. Who's your favourite parent?

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FP have been helping a lot, he would help anyone, he's the kind of friend that would help you hide a dead body, literally LOL. Plus I really have a crush on him, he's hot as hell and I ship Falice

7. Who's your least favourite parent?

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We all agree that Penelope Blossom is the biggest bitch ever. She's so mean with poor Cheryl, she deserves to burn slowly again, sorry.

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

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I remember that my friend sent me 5 episodes of the first season last year and I completely ignored it for like 3 months and one day I decided to watch them (never heard about the show before) and I got so addicted so I watched the first season in 2 nights. It definitely wasn't what I expected, I loved it.

9. Who do you ship the most?

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I used to ship Varchie but right now I'm in love with Choni, it's like iconic, and when Toni rescued Cheryl from Sisters of Quiet Mercy, that was amazing.
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and honestly we all expected Choni since this scene

10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who do you think did it?

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Honestly, in the first 2 episodes of season 1 I thought Cheryl was the murderer of Jason because I didn't felt her pain real. But then I thought it was Veronica's father, whose identity wasn't revealed in that moment.

11. Before finding out who the Black Hood was, who do you think it was?

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I used to think Hal Cooper was the Black Hood but then I realized that Tall Boy was more similar so I was a 100% sure that he was the Black Hood

12. Favorite scene of season 1

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I'm a drama lover so my favorite scene of season 1 was the last episode when Cheryl was trying to break the ice and she fell down, it was a really emotional scene
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I also liked V and B's kiss and Veronica and Cheryl's dance battle

13. Favorite scene of season 2

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The Cheryl's assault scene is one of my favorites because when Veronica and the Pussycats rescued her was ICONIC, I'm obssesed, plus Jughead's initiation in the same episode.
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The Archie and Jughead vs. Ghoulies ride scene, It gave me 80's movies vibes and it was when everything started between Cheryl and Toni
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also I liked this one, when Alice aka Queen of entrances, appeared in FPs party dressed like a serpent, she was in her habitat. When Veronica and Archie sang Mad World (my favorite song from the cast) and the crazy Betty's show.

GUYSS, hope you liked it, if you love Riverdale you should do this tag too. Sorry for my english btw!