Article about my original character: Eden Torricelli

-Full name: Eden Gracelynn Torricelli

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-Birth-date: January 31st
-Age: 16

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-Astrological sign: Aquarius

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-Height: 71 inches or 5'11"

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-Nationality: American
-Ethnicty: Italian and British

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-Parents:Jackson Torricelli and Chloe Rayden
-Sibling(s): Blayde and Ansel(twins - 19), and Kaleb(17)

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-Pet(s): Zelda(kitten), Presley(puppy), and Thumper(bunny)

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-Favorite food: Alfredo

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-Favorite singer: Tove Lo and jesse rutherford

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-Favorite album: Illuminate by Shawn Mendes

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-Favorite TV show: Riverdale or Shadowhunters

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-Celebrity crush: Johnny Stevens of Highly Suspect

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-Occupation: Youtuber, Singer, waitress at the town's local diner

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-Significant other: Parker Zackrisson

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-Best friend: Harlow Ainsworth

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