1. John Park - U (2014)

This man's voice is just amazing. Hearing this song really made me happy, since it wasn't a ballad (Disclaimer: I haven't heard any of his other songs, but I do know he is mainly a ballad singer). Now, I don't have anything against ballads, but I'm not particuliarly fond of them. Especially the type of ballads that seem to be the norm in Korea with limited transitions. It's why I don't really have many solo artists I listen too.

This song is just the right amount of different instruments and his deep voice really compliments them. I also really love the adlips near the end of the song. I feel like they really add something to the song's overal feel, instead of just being used to show off his skills.

I'm also a sucker for creepy concepts, so this music video is perfect for me. It might even be one of my favorites mv's.

2. Park Hi - Higher (2017)

I did not follow Park Hi during Produce 101, but I heard people say she improved alot from there on.

The chorus of this song is so catchy, one listen it is stuck in your head. It's the kind of song I listen too when I want that feeling of freedom, independence and happiness. It is such a good Spring/Sumer song and it gets extra points since she made it herself.

3. Bling - Now (2016)

An unheard song to most people, but I freaking love this song! It's one of those sad heartbreak songs with a sexy approach. It's a very calm song, with little intervention from instruments. Only on the right places do the instruments take over and the choice of instruments really makes this song stand out.

Everytime the song might become repetitive if they don't put in something new, they added a trumpet, giving stimulance to the listener to actually keep listening. It is something very small, but it makes a great difference in the song.

4. Boys Republic - Video Game (2014)

Video Game is one of those songs that I don't often listen too, but when I do, I get obsessed again. It is so well-executed! I usually don't really watch boygroups going for that tough/bad guy concept, since it becomes a tryhard concept 90% of the time. There are only a few groups who I think can pull it of, and this is one of them.

The choreo really caught my attention too. It's not a 'hard' choreo, but it is really eye-catching. It is the reason I prefer the dance mv over the story mv :D

I hope that they'll return to this kind of concept again (and return Suwoong's blue hair, still my aesthetic), because Video Game and Get Down are my favorite songs by them.

5. Loona/Oliva Hye feat Jinsoul- Egoist (2018)

Egoist is currently my second favorite Loona song and my favorite to play right now. I love the beat, the colors and that her voice doesn't over power the beat, but actually flows and mix really nice with it.

It also feels like Jinsoul got to show a bit more of her rapping skills. I didn't really like the rap part in SITR, but I loved this little rap section.

The only thing I'm not really a fan of in this song, is some of the transitions. Some of them, like the one at 0:56, feel really quick and messy. But I'll probably just have to get used to that and then I'll love it.

Honorable Mention: MBA feat. BIGONE - Thursday Party (2017)

Honestly, I love this song more then some other songs on here, but since the music video is age restricted, I can't watch it without having to login, which is something I don't do on the laptop. So I can only watch the mv on my phone, which really is restricting me in liking this song. It's sounds weird, I know, but how easy it is to listen to a song is something that influences people on how often they take the time to listen to something and therefore whether people put their energy into streaming their song or finding a song that is easily accesible.