to kim jonghyun

— 1 : DEAR NAME ; iu

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I’ll wait for a long time, I will definitely find you. Even if you’re so far that I can’t see you. Let’s go, to the place at the tip of dawn

— 2 : I'M FINE THANK YOU ; ladies code

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That day I cried. I hope you're forever happy, goodbye. Sometimes I laugh at something. I’m fine thank you, thank you

— 3 : PROMISE ; exo

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I’ll hug you, I’ll hold your hands. If your heart can be at rest, I’ll give it my all

— 4 : FLOWER ROAD ; sejeong

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Oh rewind, the more I think back, the more I’m sorry, so I won’t give up. You gave up your youthful and beautiful season. Look at me, I have bloomed prettily

— 5 : SMILE FLOWER ; seventeen

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Even if we’re not together, it's just like always; our smile flowers bloom. I’ll be the spring to your smile

— 6 : BEFORE OUR SPRING ; jonghyun

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Don’t worry about what to do, I’m alright. Spring will come to me too

— 7 : I'M CRYING ; taemin

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The rain fell in your heart. As if it forgot how to stop, I wasn’t good enough for you, I couldn’t be your umbrella. A song for the unstopping rain. I love you

— 8 : INTO THE NEW WORLD (ballad ver) ; snsd

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I love you, just like this. The longed end of wandering, I leave behind this world’s unending sadness. I get stronger just thinking about youi, it helps me so that I won’t cry

— 9 : SLEEPLESS NIGHT ; shinee

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I can’t leave you, who I treasured more than myself. Come back to me tonight. I can’t, the beautiful days, even the times we hated each other; I miss so much, it’s unforgettable. Come back to me

— 10 : DOWNPOUR ; ioi

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It’s just a passing downpour, it’s how I feel. After I met you, I haven’t lost the happy memories to the rain. When the rain stops, let’s meet again. We will smile again and be together

— 11 : I'LL SMILE EVEN IF IT HURTS ; ladies code

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I won’t cry, so you won’t feel bad. I’ll try living without you now. No matter how much it hurts, even if tears keep coming, I wanna smile, I wanna think of you and smile

— 12 : WISH UPON A STAR ; shinee

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In the sky that resembles you, the countless stars, they’re my longing of not being able to reach you


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Just like letters on the sand where waves were, I feel you’ll disappear to a far off place. I'll always miss you, miss you

— 14 : FINE ; taeyeon

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When one day, one month, one year passes, you said you’d probably smile and reminisce but not me. It won’t be easy for me. Still, you fill up my days

— 15 : IF YOU ; bigbang

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Will this go away after time passes? I remember the old times. I remember you

— 16 : I LOVED YOU ; day6

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Really I loved you. It’s because I loved you so much, because I want to forget you but I can’t

— 17 : IN HEAVEN ; jyj feat. kim jungeun

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The miracle of you, it all seems like a fantasy. The last image of you seems to be locked only in my memories. I wonder if you are watching me from somewhere. Even if I regret, it’s too late, I can’t see you anymore

— 18 : SORRY ; the rose

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Come back to me again, please. 'Cause without you, there’s no me anymore

— 19 : REPLAY ; shinee

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blonde, blue, and gif image
Memories scratch at my heart. My heart hurts, so now I’ll mend it. With the approaching farewell, I replay, replay, replay

— 20 : END OF THE DAY ; jonghyun

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At the end of a tiring day, even if the sun has already come up, I’m finally closing my eyes

No matter how many days have passed, your place in my heart will remain the same