Yeah, it's me back again with another new articles that so many Hearters do this quite long time ago. Like the others do, I will put my name in different letters and then show what a good picture / colors that match with it.

Before that, I want all of you to check out her article that inspired me to do this, so here it is...

... And also article from the one who have the original content!

Without further ado, let's dive in.

My name is V E N N Y

V for Vanilla Ice

colors, pink, and things image colors, cute, and ice cream image colors, girls, and cute image milk, cute, and pink image

E for Emerald

Temporarily removed green image car and green image green, eyes, and eye image

N for Navy Blue

Image removed quotes and happy image facade, navy, and architecture image blue, landscape, and navy image

N for Nude

fashion, style, and coat image Temporarily removed lips, lipstick, and makeup image theme and desert image

Y for Yellow

yellow, quotes, and sunflower image yellow, rain, and happy image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

Thank you so much for reading, y'all awesome. That's all for now & see you in the next article!


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