Our outfits are an extension of us and what we want to communicate, but it's also a factor to feel in a certain way. If you bring zero attitude it is good to wear a certain color

If you feel tired, use red

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Red reflects dynamism, warmth and aggressiveness; however, it can increase your energy, passion and dynamism. Not only will you be more active, you will also feel more awake.

If you have anxiety use blue

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Blue garments radiate professionalism and seriousness, but can cause calm and serenity. It's going to cause you the same effect as when you see the sky.

If you feel hot, use green

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That reflects nature and freshness. We know that the garment as such will not make the heat stop, but the power of the mind over the body is powerful.

If you are negative, use yellow

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Yellow is a psychological stimulant, that's why emojis and restaurants use that color. You will look and feel more cheerful wearing something yellow.

If you feel "old" use orange

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We don't say old as age, but attitude. The orange garments are innovative, fun and modern. It'll change you to a youthful attitude and it'll give you vitality.

If you feel scattered use purple

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This is a very spiritual color and projects wisdom. Not to mention that the purple garments are luxurious and royalty.

If you don't feel feminine wear pink

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Taking out our feminine side from time to time is'nt bad and pink is a delicate, romantic and innocent color, so it's perfect if you want to feel a little more feminine.

If you feel weird, use white

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Sometimes we have "rare" days that are a complete chaos, try to use white to feel purer and cleaner that somehow relax you.

If you feel invisible, use black

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Surely they'll say "black is not a striking color", but it's a color that reflects prestige and value, wearing black clothes will make you feel powerful and if you get seen or ignore, it will not mind.

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