The challenge is created by @dontbuymeflowers and I'm so happy to start it :)

If you wanna see details:

A letter to my best friend

Dear Y.,

I miss you so much. I know you're too busy now with your exams but I still want to tell you so many things... some are serious and big, others are just our silly jokes I adore so much. I also wanna know what's happening with you and just hear your voice and see your face.

I also want to thank you for the irreplacable and unique friend you are, for my 16-years life experience and our 16-years friendship I haven't met anybody even remotely like you. You know how friends just come and go even when destiny brings them together they still stay separated. Well we have more than 2000 km apart and still stay together... I believe that having this in mind we will get through every challenge in life regardless how hard it is - together. I am so proud of you and I want to to remember that I appreciate your love. loyalty, support, everything. You know most people just say that as nonsense and don't mean it, aren't that close but that doesn't apply to us ;) Love you to Southend and back <3 I'm waiting for ya
P.S. There are sooo many things I want us to do this summer ^^

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That's Day One guys! If anybody is interested I'm going to do the whole challenge and I'm looking forward to it. With much love, me <3