So I found this tag and I really want to do it. @night_wishes created the #honestytag and I found it would be fun to answer the questions. Go and read her article too:

So lets start :)

① How often do you lie?
Well, I´m a pretty direct person, but there are often situations where I can´t say the truth. Because I simply don´t want to talk about it. But I know when it´s better to say the truth.

② Honesty or loyalty?
I think both is really important, though I would say honesty is more important for me. Because you can have so many good friends but what do you have of it when they lie to you all the time, right?

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③ On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?
8? I´m not sure. Yes I think I´m a 8 because I often say what I have in my head and I say the truth most of the time but not always.

④ Do you always say what you really think?
I know when I have to be quiet, for example when I have to talk with a teacher. Even though I wouldn´t say something that is comletely against my thoughts.

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⑤ Have you ever lied to your parents? (why or why not)
Yes, when I was little for example. When you read my last article (I will link it in the end) you know that I had "Borderlie personality disorder" there I often lied and said that everything is okay and that I feel good and so on.

⑥ Have you ever stolen anything?
Ähhhh hehe, yes I did. when I was in primary school I sometimes stole the stuff from my classmades. And when I was a little kid I stole these topmodel coloring books from my friend.

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⑦ If you were a different person, would you be interested to be friends with someone like you?
Yes I think so. I´m a good friend. I'm there for my friends and they always know that they can trust me. You can laugh with me but even in bad moments I help.

⑧ Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't?
No, definitetly not. I´m either a real friend or not at all.

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⑨ Can you keep a secret?
I know when I have to keep sth silent. My Friends love there for that I keeping secrets for me. But I also know when to say it will be better.

⑩ Why is honesty important?
Honest is so so important. If you always lie to yourself to your friends and to the people around you, the lies will only become more and more.

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⑪ Do you think you're trustworthy person?
I already said that yes. People started to trust me when I starten trust them. When I was in my deepest time of borderlining I started to talk with my best Friend and than, step for step with more people.

⑫ Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?
Sometimes yes. I can be stubborn sometimes, but I´m often not 100% sure with that what I say.

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My last Articel, where I introduced myself to you all

Thank you for reading my article, hope you have a nice morning, evening, day, night whatever. That's it for now. Byee