this is a really popular trend on youtube and my most popular posts are often about children and baby names so i thought this would be fun! this means no offence, i absolutely love these names but for whatever reason i just wont use them. also i am nowhere near pregnant. havent even had a boyfriend. just a sad namenerd.

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Such a cool trendy sounding name but I'm not sure if I can imagine my child with this name. I love it so much that I might change my opinion though and end up with a baby Roscoe!

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Again I think it sounds really cute but there is a vibe about this name that doesnt fit my naming style.

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I think I would only use this name as a middle for a child born in August hahaha. Ever since I read the book and watched the movie Wonder, I loved it.

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I've mentioned this name before in my name posts and I also love it but I feel like I wouldn't be brave enough to use it.

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Yet again I could see myself using it but a family dog had this name and I associate it with that too much. Billie Eilish is making me fall in love with it even more

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Like Sailor, I love it but dont think I am brave enough to use it. Bama is an adorable nickname.

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I love the name so much but someone I know has absolutely ruined it for me.

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Alternatively, I met a little boy with this name who was absolutely charming but the name is so popular where I live, I could only use it for a middle name personally.