tbh im bored so im just gonna make this, and maybe someone is interested in me. (lmao probably not)


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I LOOOVE my fishnets i wear them as much as i can. Whenever it's warm outside, i wear my pleated skirts or some shorts. I wear my vans every single day and if its cold outside then i wear my black overalls(i love all black clothes)


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My favorite color is purple and i love mixtures of purple, blue, orange, pink, and red. I feel they complete eachother


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I mostly watch youtube throughout the day when theres no school. I'm starting to skateboard more and I love listening to music. Also, can boredom be a hobby?

"I slipped myself some pink Xannies
And danced around the house in all-over print panties
My mom's gone, that fuckin' broad will never understand me
I'm not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin"- Tyler, the Creator-Yonkers

"And that's because I wanna be your favourite boy
I wanna be the one that makes your day
The one you think about as you lie awake
I can't wait to be your number one
I'll be your biggest fan and you'll be mine
But I still wanna break your heart and make you cry..."-Rex Orange County- Best Friend


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whenever i'm hungry i mostly eat junk food. I LOVE my mc donalds especially the fries. I make cinnamon waffles (because of tyler the creator) for breakfast and I mostly drink chocolate frappacino's whenever I go outside. My favorite soda is root beer and almost every single time I drink it I add ice cream to it to make a rootbeer float.


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I get sad easily because im kinda emotional. But I mostly laugh throughout the day. There hasn't been a day where I haven't laughed at something stupid. I stay up listening to music which makes me feel at peace. And I tend to get tired easily.


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My favorite band is Twenty One Pilots. I know all of their songs by heart and I just love them in general. I am also obsessed with Panic! at the Disco, Melanie Martinez, and obviously Tyler the Creator.

I dont really watch that much tv I mostly watch youtube tbh, but when I do I watch these AMAZING shows.

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Stranger Things
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The Good Doctor
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Orange Is The New Black
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The Flash


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I have dark brown eyes and brown skin. I wear my retainer all day(for now) because I had braces. My hair looks exactly like the girl in the picture right now. It's a little shorter then shoulder length. It's black, wavy, and parted to the side. I used to have bangs but they grew.