from one teenager to another, lets be real, we could all use some extra cash, so all for saving some extra money!


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this one is probably the most popular one that you heard of but basically week one, you put one dollar away, week two $2, week three $3 and so on... it gets more and more challenging as time goes on but in the end, you'll be able to save $1378! If you also want, you can switch the two them around and start by saving $52 then work backwards!


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i do this one and you are definitely able to save a lot of money out of it!


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you can find some cool stuff this way, that are so much more unique, and cheaper! this might sound ridiculous but some, but i strongly dislike when i go to school and see people wearing the same thing as i am. everything just feels so... boring if that makes sense?


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there are dupes for everything, and everything eventually goes on sale!


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if you are one to like to go out and spend money on doing your nails, do them in the comfort of your very own home! walmart sells acrylics with nail glue for under $8, and as long as you have a nail file and some nail polish then you are good to go!

ehhh here's my little list of stuff that i do to help save some money... and then spend the money on some other useless sh*t but ya'know whatever ;)

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