I hope this helps you to learn something. Maybe you'll learn from my or someone elses mistakes. Enjoy!
*Some of the names have been changed because there are 7 out of 7 billion chances one of those seven are reading right now. (I kept only first letter of their word)
**If you recon yourself you might as well feel free to contact me and see if you are right...

1. My dad
Thank you for teaching me how to be a strong women!

2. Kristopher
You made me feel loved without me giving the same back to you. You brought the world to me, all you had. You made me feel anxious. You made my life a living nightmare. You couldn't accept my no and wouldn't stop trying. Thank you for teaching to be wise and think of myself as a smart human being! You thought me that love yourself too much can cause such a catastrophe. Huge thanks to you for letting me learn such two faced person as you! Also thank you for all the amazing moments and talks we had!

3. Dave
You are special because you're different. We are not really that much related. I wanted to say thanks for all the good times we have had. Also you have special and amazing taste of music. I wanted you to know I love love love you because you make my daily routine a little brighter and I tend to miss you a lot.

4. Eric
Ohhh... How I love you! You have a special shelf in my life. You were my first actual date. Although we didn't end up in a relationship you are very special and I still like you a lot. I would date you by first chance I would get. You stoped talking to me because I was friends with other boys too which kind of sucks because if you would have asked me to be in a relationship I would have cut out all the boys and girls of my life just to be with you. I want you to know you're an amazing human being despite all the bad things you've being saying about yourself! Also if you've been trough a lot you don't have any chance to judge or hurt others. Right now I'm letting you go my love.

*** Also BIG love to grandpa Eric! Thank you for teaching me all you've learned in your lifetime!

5. Victor
You are THE best! I couldn't wish for a better friend... But get yourself together please! Stop being a baby! Also a friendly reminder if your mum tells you to leave just DON'T! It's not your pretty little face that makes you ugly. It's also not your personality. It's your freaking mind. While you're putting yourself down you stop yourself from enjoying the world and meeting new people. And if you don't tell your imperfections no one will ever notice.

6. Jack
You little monkey are such a blessing! Thanks to you we're keeping our family together. You're a Gods sent present. You were sent at a darkest time of our lives. We were all apart and living in a war zone. You made us realise our values. You made me sacrifice my most important- my pride. Thank you for teaching me a lesson!

7. Mickey
Thanks to you I learned alcohol is bad for me and my decisions, relationships! I miss your jokes but not the parties. Actually you're the reason for ruining no 4 but I'm thankful (a little) for that, turns out no 4 likes all the girls who smiles at him. Anyway you were a huge mistake and it only my fault that it turned out that way so don't feel bad. Also I think it's better if we stay away from each other.