1 - never give up;
if you feel lonely, remember that you’re not the only one.
It can be harsh sometimes, without anyone by our side, but I can say without any doubts that there will be better times.
Suicide and self-harming are never contemplated options!
There are lots of other ways to express our pain, please, don’t choose to hurt yourself.🖤

2 - they’re love;
Trust people, sometimes it can be the best thing you could ever make.
Not everyone’s trustworthy but if you open up with the right person, it could turn out to be the best plot twist of your life.
Also, don’t be ashamed of loving someone, or to feel loved.
Love is sweet and romantic, but also raw and destructive - be ready for all of these things.🌹

3 - you’re flawless;
for once, look at yourself in the mirror and instead of getting angry or crying because you’re yourself, look at your image and try to fall in love with you.
Appreciate your hair, your eyes and your beautiful smile, touch your scars (if you have some) and remember you’re beautiful as you are.
Once you’ll accept yourself, you will feel better, and you’ll feel Godlike.
Don’t you worry about anything, because you’re worth it.🌊