1) Wake up

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I wake up at 9. I don't check the pone and I open my windows so there's fresh air at my bedroom.

2) Drink water

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I drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice in it and a normal glass of water.

3) Read

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Right after drinking my water I return to my cozy bed and read.

4) Messy bun

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After reading I want to get productive and that means tide up your hair.

5) Skincare

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I want clear skin.

6) Music

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I put some music on throuhout the rest of the routine to make it sooo much better.

7) Breakfast

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as healthy as possible obviously

8) Brush my teeth

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Everything for keeping my smile clean

9) Make my bed

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If I don't make it in the morning I will not make it.

10) Brush my hair

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and usually make myself some kind of hairstyle.

11) Dress up

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lastly time to pick an outfit.

12) Languages

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I would do this at 11and I know it's summer: no homework no school. But I really want to study different languages.