Hey! I always get bored and end up downloading loads of apps on my phone to try out so here a few of my favorites:

A really nice photo app for taking photos (for instagram or whi maybe) where you take the picture and it adds this vintage looking filter to make it look like it was taken on a disposable camera. Love it!

Right, this app is kind of confusing but what you do it answer questionnaires about stuff you like and advertisers lean what you're like and can advertise to you. Every questionnaire you answer gets you points which you can save up to exchange for gift cards. I got a new look voucher for £10 and i went to the store and it actually WORKED!

A cool editing app you should get if you like editing pictures but don't want to learn how to do photo shop but still want to do advanced stuff.

This sounds kind of stupid but you can fine really tasty and HEALTHY meal recipes on there and there's a vegan option. Just great for if you don't know what to cook.

Another editing app but this time for adding filters. You can make custom filters and add premade filters. Just all round great app.

Thanks for reading if you got this far :)
I enjoyed making this so I'll probably make more.