I don't wanna spend to much time explaining what I'm going to do cause the title says it all. So hope you enjoy the poetry i make.

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she's bubblegum pink sweet
maybe a child
maybe a kitten
definitely cute

porcelain skin
dark chocolate brown eyes
she's so bubblegum pink sweet
how can you not love?

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bathe in yellow

the week killed me
made me blue
and red
that's why i must bathe
in yellow
and smile everything

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a disappearing act

how did you do it?
we drank, smoked, and slept
then the next day
you left
without me noticing

i thought the love
was there
it appears not

just like a cheap
magician you did
a disappearing act
and succeeded

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red roses

im scattered around
leaving a trace of romance
maybe you fell for the mood
gasping for the air around you
indulge your senses

the morning can wait
you have time to
enjoy for yourselves
the only person that are
allowed to see are the petals
and the moon

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why would you leave?
the bed sheets are always
ready for you to crawl in
get comfortable and
watch the day go by

nothing can go wrong

hope you enjoyed.

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