Hi there beautiful souls!
In this article I´m going to share with you a list of my favorite series in alphabetic order.

- American Horror Story

Temporarily removed Image removed ahs, evan peters, and cult image ahs, american horror story, and asylum image

- Bates Motel

max thieriot image Nestor Carbonell, bates motel, and vera farmiga image norman bates and bates motel image Temporarily removed

- Friends

friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and gif image Image removed friends image Temporarily removed

- Glee

L image Temporarily removed glee, quotes, and black and white image glee, kurt, and blaine image

- Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, emma swan, and ouat image once upon a time, ouat, and lana parrilla image once upon a time, henry mills, and ️ouat image once upon a time, Emilie de Ravin, and Jennifer Morrison image

- Scream

scream and noah foster image Temporarily removed friendship, gif, and mtv image gif image

- Stranger things

stranger things, eleven, and netflix image Mature image stranger things, quotes, and sad image Mature image

- Supernatural

supernatural, misha collins, and Jensen Ackles image supernatural, dean winchester, and Jensen Ackles image Image removed beautiful, boy, and dean winchester image

- The Big Bang Theory

Temporarily removed Image removed the big bang theory, penny, and sheldon image kitty, cat, and soft kitty image

- The Walking Dead

twd, the walking dead, and daryl dixon image the walking dead, twd, and michonne image Inspiring Image on We Heart It norman reedus, the walking dead, and andrew lincoln image
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