I love Disney Movies! Like... Who doesn't? That's why I decided to do this challenge. Seems so fun!

Here we go...

Fav. Movie

Image by tanya

Fav. Character

the lion king, disney, and nala image
Simba & Nala

Fav. Princess

disney, aladdin, and disney princess image disney, rapunzel, and tangled image Image by Ailyn Diaz 🌻 Temporarily removed
Jasmin Rapunzel Ariel & Tiana

Fav. Prince

tangled, disney, and flynn rider image
Flynn Rider

Fav. Sidekick

disney, gif, and goals image
Timon and Pumba

Fav. Villain

Temporarily removed
I dont know who was the artist who did this but its so freakin good
creepy, disney, and epic image

Princess Song

beauty and the beast, emma watson, and disney image mulan, disney, and princess image china, disney, and Lyrics image ariel, disney, and mermaid image
"Something There / Reflection / Part Of Your World"

Inspirational Song

Temporarily removed disney and moana image
" Almost There" and "How Far I'll Go"

Sideckick Song

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fish, movie, and music image
"Hakuna Matata" and " Under The Sea"

Love Song

animals, art, and creativity image disney, tangled, and rapunzel image
" Can you feel the love tonight?" and " I see the light"

Villain Song

disney, the Princess and the frog, and princess and the frog image
"Friends On The Other Side"

Fav. Kiss

tangled, love, and kiss image
Rapunzel & Flynn

Fav. Couple

disney, flowers, and light image
Rapunzel and Flynn

First Movie I Saw

Image by Valen Tomarkin


disney image

Me as a princess

aladdin, art, and beauty image

Let me know if you agree with smth!

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Hope you enjoy <3