I was staring aimlessly at my ceiling. A book in my hands, homework untouched.
I couldn't focus, my thoughts are about you, James. About our first ever encounter.

It happened at lunch time that day. You see, I'm not a fan of school cafeteria, so I never went there. Maybe in case of emergency where I didn't have time to pack lunch from home. Yes, you heard me. I brought my own lunch.

I never like crowded places, James. That is one of our differences. Maybe because I'm alone. Maybe its because I don't have friends. But no matter. I'm already used to.

Anyway, before I went to my peaceful place to eat lunch, I decided to grab a drink from the vending machine. But being my unlucky self, no drink came out and the machine just swallowed my money. I was sighing frustratedly when I heard a voice from behind me. Your voice, James.

"It just need a little shake." You said, with a beaming smile. "Here let me help you."

I was speechless. I couldn't say anything, I just nodded back.

You told me to take a step back, so I did. And to my surpise, you kick the vending machine and something fell.

"That's no little shake," I mumbled but you heard me. I blushed as you chuckled back.

You handed me the strawberry milk. Then, you waved and walked away.

After you turned to the corner of the hallway, then I realised that I haven't thanked you.

Later, I was hesitating on how to approach you. But you were always surrounded by your friends. So I decided to try again next time. This time with something as a thank you gift.

I tried to find you at lunch the other day but I couldn't find you anywhere. Which is a surprise because usually you're so easy to spot; with your tousled red hair and sparkling blue-green eyes. Or the fact that you were not there with your usual group of friends. Either way, I couldn't find you.

I was passing an empty class; well, I thought it was empty until I saw a familiar red hair sleeping in the class. Slowly, I walked to the back of the class and stopped right next to the table. You were sleeping soundly with your hands as your pillow on the table.

I smiled.

I may looked like a creep staring at a sleeping person but you looked so innocent and peaceful.

I didn't even realised when I brushed the strand of hair from your face. When I did, I stared at my hand, horrified. I mentally scolded myself and my guilty hand.

Not wanting to embarass myself further, I placed the wraped chocolate cupcake on the table along with the 'thank you' note on it.

I wanted to write my name but you probably doesn't recognized me. So instead of writing 'Melody' , I just drew the drink you helped me get; Strawberry milk.

P.s. I didn't want to tell you this, James but that wasn't actually the drink I wanted but, thank you anyway.