James Calinsky.

Yes, I've decided to write your name.

With a fluttering heart, I'm writing every syllables.

Oh god, I've finally wrote it down. And I've finally said it out loud as pen and paper collides.

Back then, I was afraid, this I can never deny. Because the feelings and emotions were so raw and new. I didn't know what to do.

I was scared, James.

Because it would be real. It would be finally admitting that indeed I love you.

Anyway, how do I know your name? Well James, everyone knows your name in this school. You're the top of the popularity ladder. You belong in the popular circle.

You're James Calinsky.

James, you're the sun. Everyone else are like the planets, revolving around you and technically I could literally be any planet but, I would probably be pluto or something because you always seem so far away. And when I thought you were closer, I felt myself getting away. I could never grasp your ray of light, just seeing but never touching. I'm always spinning in circle around you, shifting and tilting and rotating around this orbit trying to connect the stars and either seal our fate or find the fault..

I've known your name for a while now and I wish someday you will learn mine. Maybe then it could be the first step where our paths will cross and seal our fate.

So James, here is my name;

Melody Grant.