hello, I recently see the "SKAM tag" on @_madubs_ and I just wanted to make it too aha,
so lets go ;)

✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎which group was your favorite?

ok, so I literally love them all, but if I had to choose, I'll say between the Girl squad, and the Balloon squad. Even if I love the Boys squad and the Penetrators, I think I'll choose the Girls squad.

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎who is your favorite character?

one of the hardest question, I would say Even, Sana and Eskild, I really can't choose between them !

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎who is your favorite couple?

Evak, obviously. (but I love youssana)(and jevak)

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎which character did you start by hating and then ended up loving?

honestly ? Vilde. That's where the quote "everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always" make all sense !
But now, I love her so much, and I give her all the love I have.

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎which character do you think should have had a season?

Eskild, Even, Vilde, Jonas and Chris.

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎were you one of those people who wanted PChris to have a season?

tbh, not really. I don't really like him because he caused trouble in my ship aha. But if he had a season I wouldn't be against it, I think each characters deserves their own season.

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎what was the most beautiful friendship in the series?

Nooreva I think

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎which phrase in the series did you like the most?

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎who is the most stylish character in the series?

obviously Even

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway, after the series?

hell yes !!

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎do you really think Skam is a copy of Skins?

i've never watch skins, but I don't think so. It's another series talking about teenage, but with their own culture, so I think this two shows are quite differents.

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎which Skam character would like to have as a friend?

Sana or Noora

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✧︎∘︎∙︎⋅︎for you what is the message that is passed with Skam?

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I don't need to add anything^^

thanks for you attention, I hope it makes you want to watch (again?) the show ;))
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