Sometimes feelings are hard to express

Often we find ourselves speechless and helpless

When in fact we have so much to say.

But this feeling of mine grew deeper as the days go on

Never did I thought I would feel this way before

Never in my life, I am so sure.

It's not merely a crush, I'll make myself clear

I'm sure this is love, even if that is what I fear.

I've said it before in my very first chapter

The overflowing words though I know they wouldn't reach you.

"Why couldn't I tell you my feelings?" I often asked myself.

Although I know I would do anything just to be with you.

But I'm just another girl, sitting alone in the class

And you're that boy, that turn every head when you pass.

Every where you go, all eyes are on you

Occasionally, mine included too.

But I wouldn't stare too long, and I wouldn't look too often

Self-control is what keeping me sane

Because everything about you just doesn't make sense

How can someone be so perfect without even trying?

How can I love you this much when we are nothing but strangers?

Oh god, how far did I fall?

That I started feeling you through my veins

That my mind are always occupied by you.

We go to the same school, we walked the same hallways

And yet it was just me.

I'm the only one who's looking.

But this heart never wavered

Nor this love will dissipate

These feelings, even if I wanted to, they wouldn't go away.