I remember the day when I first saw you

It was nothing special, because then I didn't knew

A troublemaker you are, is what I first thought

Always playing around, but never get caught

I never really care what others do but for the first time, I was amused

You like to make jokes and making people laugh

I thought it was nice, because school is tough

Not that I'm complaining, for I like to learn

About the world, the universe and maybe just you

It was then I came to realize, through your laughter and smiles

I found myself falling but sorry, I'm not telling

I don't think you know me, for I'm just a wallflower

So I didn't care if you wanted to cower

Really, I wouldn't care, for you could lose your light

Because my darkness within may engulfed your sight

So far away I stay, from a distance I love

Feeling the warm of your light like the sun above

"I love you" the words I'm afraid to say

So I kept it to myself and kept it at bay

Maybe this is giving up but I already have a weak heart

Though it was nice, loving you was hard

Especially when we were two worlds apart

So I'll just stay and be the girl who fell in love