Well , I discovered this tag a few weeks ago and I honestly don't know anymore about who created this awesome tag, but in case you read my article and notice it's yours ,please,message me saying that tag is yours and I'll mention your account in my article !
I think you already know that I'm literally obsessed with fashion,so I was glad when I discovered something easy to do for today's article,because I was out of ideas. Again. (btw, I put my all articles ideas in my bullet journal).

1. How do you define your style?
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Mixed styles,most likely generated by moods. I don't have ONE style for a long time, but everything in my closet basically starts with casual clothing.

2. What piece of clothing do you most have in your closet?

My closet is carefully organised on different sorts, so now I can quickly find what I need. Hmm, returning to the subject I think the jeans are in force in my closet. I'm in love with boyfriend jeans,ripped jeans and vintage jeans.

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3. What are your favorite pieces of clothing?

Umm, probably T-shirts, jeans and spring coats...

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4. Preferred shoes?

Something to wear anytime and anywhere. Something like sneakers.

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5. Favorite bag?
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I already told you that I have a pretty simple style then I prefer backpacks. They're sooo roomy, divided and comfortable to wear.

6. Bikini or Swimsuit?


7. Bracelet or paste?
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8. For you, which is the season where people get more stylish?
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Although every season has its own beauty I think the transition between spring and summer (April,May).

9. What is your favorite fashion site?

I think I don't have one,I have thousands !

10. How famous would you steal the closet?

Hadid sisters and probably Dua Lipa.

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