hey guys!! I haven´t been writing for a long time, so now, I want to write something easy, nice, and simple. In this article I`m going to write about ¨My Name In Cities¨ , for the ones that don`t know in what this is based on, basically, each letter of my name represents a city (which I can choose), so let`s start
My name is Anaclara :

A. Athens, Greece

Athens, city, and Greece image Athens, city, and Greece image athens to santorini image Athens, Greece, and plaka image

N. Nice, France

amazing, aww, and incredible image city, summer, and france image moments, france, and happy image evening, france, and nice image

A. Amsterdam, Netherlands

travel, beautiful, and sky image city, amsterdam, and travel image light, city, and amsterdam image amsterdam, beautiful, and floral image

C. Coco Cay, Cuba

beach, bahamas beach, and coco cay image beach, blue, and coco cay image coco cay, bahamas, and guide image beach, beautiful, and coco cay image

L. La Valette, Malta

city, malta, and travel image beach, beautiful places, and malta image capital, malta, and sun image malta, valetta, and liberty bell image

A. Auckland, New Zeland

buildings image auckland and new zealand image auckland, nature, and new zealand image auckland and new zealand image

R. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image by IsabellaAlves beach, cityscape, and landscape image Animais, animal, and animals image Image removed

A. Adelaide, Australia

adelaide, australia, and beach image cities, adelaide, and australia image adelaide, analog, and city image 35mm, adelaide, and analog image

I really hope you liked this article, I tried to be the most original I could, And yes, I like the beach, and yes, My name has a lot of A ahahaha