Hello Sunshine ☀

This article is for my ARMYs from all over the world, and not only.
I just want to make sure, that everyone knows, that they are not just "some korean guys who won't let the internet chill". They put their soul in their music.
These are some of their song with such meaningful and deep words.
My eyes started to sweat while listening couple of these. Like...literally. I didn't cry, they just started to sweat...

1. BTS - Sea

In the end, we reached the mirage and it became our reality
The scary desert became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear in between the happiness?
Because we know too well that this place is really a desert...

Where there is hope, there is always hardship

2. BTS Jin - Awake

I want to remain
I want to dream more
Even so, what I’m saying is
That it’s time to leave

Yeah it’s my truth
I will be covered with wounds all over
But it’s my fate
Still, I want to struggle and fight

3. BTS - Lost

So long
Goodbye to my hope with no promise
So long
Even if I’m slow I will walk with my own feet
Because I know this path is mine to take
Even if I go back, I will reach this path eventually
I never I will never
I will never lose my dream

4. BTS - Tomorrow

I have a long way to go but why am I running in place?
I scream out of frustration but the empty air echoes
I hope tomorrow will be different from today
I’m just wishing

5. BTS - Her

I can never take off the mask
Because the me behind this mask
Is not the one you know
Make up to wake up today too
And dress up to mask on
In order to become the me that you love
In order to become the one that you love
I quit the XX that I liked so much
Just for you
I put on clothes I hate, excessive make up
Because your laughter and happiness is the scale of my happiness
This is how I am, do I deserve your love?
I always make an effort to be the best for you
I hope you don’t know this part of me

6. BTS - Autumn leaves

I can see that our relationship is fading
An empty relationship like the autumn sky
An ambiguous difference compared to before
Today of all days, the much quieter night
One leaf left clinging to a branch
It’s shattering, I see the end
Dead leaves becoming dried
The silence inside your aloof heart
Please don’t leave me

7. BTS - Ma City

I ran for a long time
I ran again for a long time
Yeah I’ll be ridin' and I’ll be dyin’
In ma city

I don’t know what to say
Even if I die, I can’t tell
Even if you give me a hundred thousand dollars to live somewhere else
Ah, no thanks

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself