We live in a society where we are judged for our actions, our personality and our beliefs. I personally have experienced this a lot since i'm a very shy person. Throughout my journey of overcoming social anxiety i have learnt that you will always be judged no matter what you do so you should just do you and not care what other people think of you because then you will be living cautiously and will end up just existing and not really living. Life is better when you're happy. I personally LOVE those moments when you're having so much fun with friends and laughing so hard. In those moments, i feel infinite. i feel like i wanna live in those moments forever. However life always has to have ups and downs. this sucks but you can always find something positive even in those bad times. What im trying to say is DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND MAKES YOUR SOUL FEEL ALIVE. Do it now and do not rely on other peoples opinions. I very much know that its easier said thwn done but just do it. no hesitations, no overthinking. JUST DO IT.