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A few years ago, I packed all the things, which hurt to much to look at, in a box.
I found that box again, while I tried to get my room more minimalistic (btw if you have any tipps for someone, who wants to be a minimalist, please write me!) and I didn't even know anymore, what was in it.

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So I opened it and broke down in tears...
There were so many pictures of people, who meant the world to me, but I had to say goodbye to them.

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After I had packed that box four years ago I tried to forget about them, tried to forget the memories we shared and I ignored how much I had been missing them.

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I just thought: "I miss you guys so much!"
Not just people, who were really close to me, also my old teacher. I used to hate her, but now I feel like her classes were the best.
And there were pictures of my old class, I hated these people so so much, but I don't know, I miss them, or I miss the time I spend with them...

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I also realized how fast the time goes by...
I wil graduate next year...It feels like yesterday, that I got in 5th grade it's insane!

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It's also insane, how the people around me are already thinking about graduation and they want to plan everything...already.
I mean, I don't know what will happen in the next 15 months and I don't want to think about that. I want to live in the moment that's all.