Hello, the article of the day will focus on the things I couldn't live without:
"Things I couldn't live without"

  • books: I really love to read and I devour them, since any small!
  • movies: it's completely the same as for books but you haven't place for your imagination, the sets, the characters, everything is already done in the film.
  • laughing: it's so important to laughing for me, life is far too short to be lived without laughts. It would be so sad without it.
  • friends: It must be horrible to live without friends. To be alone sometimes does good, but never too long.
  • siblings: I can't imagine my life without my brothers. Even if some only child (unique children) tell me it's better not to have brothers/sisters because we have more gifts, there is no dispute, etc... I will not exchange for the world the fact of to have brothers (and/or sisters). It must be so boring more...
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  • sun: it's very important for me
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I hope you enjoyed this article.
I apologize in advance if I made spelling mistakes, I'm French.