so ive seen a lot of people doing this, and im sure its getting to be a bit redundant but i think its a great way to get the creative juices flowing. so here goes one: 10 things that make me happy. (in no particular order)

1. coffee

coffee, drink, and milk image
like most people i cannot start my day without it.

2. music

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music just makes the world go round!

3. tattoos

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i cant stand how tattoos still get a bad wrap...i have a bunch myself and i still get dirty looks and judgements passed. to me its not about marking your body, its about the art work and i feel privileged to carry around some amazing art work with me for life.

4. my camera

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there was a time when my camera really was my third eye. regrettably i do not take photos as much as i'd like to anymore and it makes me sad. but i am working on it. no matter how long its been, when i am taking photos, i am truly at my happiest.

5. roses

Image by Fran
a red rose it my absolute favorite flower! it is just simply classic. there is not much a dozen roses couldn't fix.

6. my cat

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seriously...we dont deserve animals.

7. my fella

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i might not say it enough or show it enough, but my guy is truly my prince. there are time when i honestly dont know what i would do without his love and support. he is the best person i know and he helps me be a better person...which is not easy haha!

8. skulls

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i have no explanation for it, but i love skulls. they are everywhere in my life. in my house, tattooed on my body, on my car, on my clothes. and in all shapes and sizes. so i have just decided to embraces my weird and go with it.

9. movies/dvs

collection, disney, and hannah montana image
i also have an unhealthy obsession with buying dvds. my collection is insane and i spend senseless amounts of money on new movies all the time. i know i shouldnt waste the money but i cant stop, wont stop.

10. records

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even crazier and bigger than my movie collection is my record collection. i was fortunate enough to inherit a huge collection from my dad. so his stuff added to what i already had takes up an entire wall in my house. nothing sounds better than vinyl.

so there is it, day one done. 10 things that make me happy. thank you for reading, if you can relate please leave a comment i would love to hear your thoughts and make new friends. please no hate. thank you!