This entry may come handy to a lot of you who are searching ways to make the next month exciting - let's be honest: Trying to accomplish goals is an incredible way to give your life purpose.

april, flowers, and spring image
  • 1. Successfully follow a Journal
  • 2. Do all assignments for school and study hard
  • 3. Read (at least!) three books
  • 4. Post on Instagram Artpage (IG: sleepywannabe) everyday
  • 5. Draw everyday
  • 6. Spend time with the turtle everyday
  • 7. Get a seed or something to plant during spring
  • 8. Be kind to people everyday
  • 9. Workout everyday
  • 10. Write everyday
  • 11. Wake up early
  • 12. Go outside everyday
  • 13. Quit biting your nails (any tricks?)
  • 14. Step out of your comfort zone
  • 15. Eat healthy food everyday (obviously not ONLY healthy food, but mainly)
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Okay so this was the 29th entry of the 30 days challenge. Tomorrow I will post a review of the past 30 days and decide on what I'm going to do next: Articles everyday are still on my list! Happy easter everybody!

- Eli
- Eli