first, when i saw you online, you looked like a basic faqboy, but we texted each other that often, that it became an actual every day thing.

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we were those best friends, that don't even care how each other looked like, even if i was obsessed for your beautifull face when i first saw you.then,

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i feeled so strange, and that feeling..that was something new to me, so i just ignored that. we were friends.

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after a few weeks, you told me, that you care a lot about me, and we can be BEST FRIENDS. for me, that looked awesome. we desided that we will meet up 2016 at november 6. that day, when i was running to that place, where you should be waiting for me, i thinked "what to do if this will be so awkvard?" but from that moment when i meet you up, i felt like someone really cares about me. that someone really does care about my lost mind and my ugly face. i felt so defferent, and that made me so happy.

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we could talk with no words, we could smile at each other for nothing. and from that moment, my life went upside down, but more, like just DOWN.

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you hugged me. you hugged me tight, and then you saw my scars. you asked about them. and then i said, that i don't even know where those came from,

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i saw a huge pain in your eyes. you scared because of me. you scared of me. that much you cared about me. when i understood, that this isin't just best friends goals. i knew that this was something fucking more.i knew, that everything just couldn't end up good, but i was so dumb, i kept meet him over and over again.

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we texted each other over and over again, and we always had to talk about everyting. but the problem.. i saw that he just couldn't feel the same for me. he just couldn't.

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he was so afraid of falling into me, that i was even more scared of, because i knew, that soon i will lose him. it was something wrong after half year of our friendsship.

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and then, she came into his life.

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hey beautfull peoples. i just wanted to say, that i hadn't been posting for about a week because i am going to turkey on my voceys. but, i still be trying to write something in my phone at least.