I've been seeing this tag going around and I'm Riverdale trash so I decided to do it.

1. Favourite Female Characther

riverdale, vanessa morgan, and cheryl blossom image riverdale, vanessa morgan, and cheryl blossom image
These two own my heart

2. Favourite Male Character

riverdale, kevin keller, and Joaquin image Temporarily removed
I know Joaquin is no longer on the show but I still love them both very much

3. Least Favourite Female Character

riverdale and cheryl blossom image gif, riverdale, and betty cooper image
I hate her for everything she did to Cheryl

4. Least Favourite Male Character

gif, riverdale, and hal cooper image hal cooper and lochlyn munro image
I hate this fucker so much

5. Have You Read The Comics?

No. Where I live is really difficult to find any kind of comics (not just the Archie comics, stuff like Marvel and DC too), so haven't had the chance to read them. I'd love too.

6. Favourite Parent

Madchen Amick, riverdale, and skeet ulrich image riverdale, alice cooper, and falice image
Best Parents. I really hope that they end up together

7. Least Favourite Parent

gif, riverdale, and betty cooper image gif, riverdale, and betty cooper image
Like I said before, I really hate them

8. View On The Show?

I really love the show, I think most of the characters are well written and that the story is very captivating. I just really hope that they give a better story arc to Archie and Veronica because they deserve so much more then what they have right now.

9. Who Did You Think Killed Jason Before You Knew?

I always suspected his parents but more so Penelope then Clifford. Still choked when I found out.

Thank you for reading! I tag everyone that want to do this tag! Just go for it!