If he wanted you, he'd have you.
If he loved you, you'd know.
If he disappeared, he never cared, at all.
I know it's hard, been there, came back,
but forgetting him is the best thing that could possibly happen to you.
All the memories, I know, that's what hurts the most, but please, let him go.
You're worth more than that, you deserve more than pain, you deserve nothing but a big smile.
You deserve someone who won't make you doubt,
someone who will always be there to bring out your best parts.
And if he won't do that, then he is not worthy of your heart,
so take his key, lock him out, and build a new house,
a new home for your heart, somewhere cozy where you can only smile,
Remember, you're worthy, there's no doubt.

- Angel Dimples, (2018)