SPRING is about new things. The trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and everone become happier!

The thing, that also comes to my mind when I think about this season is flowers. My favourite one is daffodil.
Also nowadays I listen to more music, than I did in the winter. I cannot live without my headphones.
Sooo... I wanted to connect these two things, because these things can make me so cheerful - this is why this tag exists.

D - Dive by Ed Sheeran

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I love all the songs from "Divide" album, but this song is the one that can make you calm down and also make you angry at the same time... Ed is a genius!

A - All time low by Jon Bellion

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When I hear this song, I think about a class trip from primary school. We were walking in a forest, together, it was our last year together, and this song was playing on someone's loudspeaker. Gosh, I love that memory!

F - F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) by Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy

g-eazy and bebe rexha image
I like this song, because the title of it is the part of their other song, "Me, myself and I" which is also a favourite of mine.

F - Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

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I found this song, when I was watching one of Brent Rivera's videos, he uses this song a lot, and it's a really catchy.

O - OMG by Camila Cabello and Quavo

Image by mischief is in me🃏
I really love Camila's music, this song came out at the same time, when "Havana" did, and most people say, that this song is bad, but I like this one too.

D - Dance, dance, by Fall Out Boy

fall out boy, FOB, and patrick stump image
This song has been my ringtone for about 2 or 3 years. FOB is my favourite band of all time, this song is one from an older album, and it's so emooo!

I - I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, grunge, and alex turner image
Indie rock is not my type, but I love Arctic Monkeys! It a slow, indie song that I listen to when my mind is a mess after a long day.

L - Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image
I'm not a huge fan of Taylor, and this song isn't like her lastest songs, but this song is something new and also something good and a love it!