Hi guys,

this is the workout I did today!
I worked on my abs and legs!

Abs workout
For my abs I just went through my workouts collection and did one of the workouts I saved like a year ago. It was very satisfying!

Temporarily removed

Legs workout
For my legs I made the workout myself. I just uploaded it in a picture on we heart it:

butt, exercises, and fitness image

If you can't read what the workout is, here you go:
- 10 jump squats
- 20 leg lifts
- 25 inner leg lifts
- 20 scissors
- 10 squats
- 5 min run
- 10 lunges
- 20 sumo squats
- 25 clams
- 20 calf raises
- 10 side lunges

Here is the link to follow my collection on workouts:

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X S.