Hi guys! For those who do not know me my name is Elena, today I make an article on a list of places that I think would be worth visiting. I hope you like it

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  • USA
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United States of America (or USA) is one of the first places I would ever visit. If I have a way to visit it I would go to Miami, Hawaii, New York and many other beautiful places.

  • Italy
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Turin, Italy

I was actually in Turin Italy I appreciated Molo The monuments those I liked the most are Palazzo Madama, the castle of Valentino and the Mole Antonelliana, I hope to be able to visit other countries of Italy. Rome and Florence will be next.

  • Bora Bora
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Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is a tropical island in French Polynesia. Crystal clear waters surround the homes and huts that are built and stabilised above the ocean. Bora bora is the perfect place to have a holiday getaway.

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  • France
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Paris, France

France has been a place that I have thought of going to for forever. The culture, the buildings and the language is all so inviting and if I could go, Paris here I come!

  • Germany
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Neuschwanstein castle, Germany

Germany has been on my list since my mom worked at Stadtallendorf at Ferrero. Germany has many places that I would like to visit; Berlin, Hamburg and many other places.

  • Japan
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Japan is a place I have dreamt of going to. I love Sushi, can speak a little bit of Japanese, and love blossom trees. If I got to go to Japan, I would definitely visit Tokyo first.

This and my list of some of the places in here I would go. I hope you have some similar interests, and if not, which countries would you like to visit?
I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I hope it inspired you.

This is all for the article!
Thank you so much for the readings! give it a heart :)

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Love, Hellen