Hi Hearters,

Here are five amazing travels that will hopefully inspire you to go on one (or more) of them!

1. Interrail

Interrail is a train ticket which will take you across Europe. It's up to you to decide the destinations, accommodations, activities and duration of your trip. Go to the beach, visit the Alps or Scandinavia, shop till you drop in Europe's fashion capitals, study all your favorite artworks in various musea, or do all these four things; the possibilities are endless.

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2. The Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run is held every year in India or the Himalaya. Participants travel by rickshaw, also known as tuktuk, and pimp these themselves. They must also take care of their selves along the road, and try to win the race. Besides the serious aspects, the Rickshaw Run is a lot of fun: every night, parties are organised, and India is such a beautiful country.

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3. Roadtrip

The golden rule: it doesn't matter where you go, but it does matter whom you go with! Grab a car, bring your best friend and go with the flow! If you do want to take your roadtrip to the next level, consider for example Route 66 in the USA or the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

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4. The Trans-Siberian Railway/ Trans-Mongolian Railway

Have you ever considered taking a train ride in Asia? The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world and the Trans-Mongolian Railway follows an ancient tea caravan route! Both railways give you spectacular views of changing landscapes, such as the Gobi Dessert, Lake Baikal or the cities of Moscow and Beijing.

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5. Motorcycle tour

Motorcycles are the perfect vehicle for travelling across Asia. You can easily buy one there, take it anywhere you want to, and then resell it again. Motorcycles are suitable for both the jungle, beach and city! Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodja or even India, but do take some lessons beforehand...

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The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page!